Meet the Family

The sun looks down on nothing half so good as a household laughing together over a meal.
— C.S. Lewis


Music brings community. As a family that plays music together, we desire to bring others into the same unity we have come to love. Whether playing classical or folk, we welcome the creative challenges brought to us through the versatility of our music, always hoping to inspire those who listen with the same wonder that's changed us.



Michael Lubben
Banjo | Violin | Piano | Vocals

Tom Lubben
Violin | Mandolin | Accordion | Viola | Piano | Vocals

Joshua Lubben
Guitar | Tin Whistle | Cello | Piano | Vocals

Isaac Lubben
Upright Bass | Vocals

Shana Terra Lubben
Upright Bass | Vocals

Katie Lubben
Violin | Hammer Dulcimer | Ukulele | Vocals

Karol Lubben
Cajon | Vocals


One of Michael's earliest memories is sitting in front of a loud, toy organ at age three, attempting to play one of his favorite songs by ear. This budding genius began classical training on violin at age five, and began piano lessons a year later. At age ten he began teaching himself the banjo—playing folk music with his brothers. He composed a frightful composition at age twelve. Since then, he hasn't stopped composing. All through high school he participated in his family's developing classical string quartet, string trio, piano trio, folk ensemble, and world-renowned recorder trio. In fall 2013 he began his career at Palm Beach Atlantic University, majoring in music composition with a piano principle. As a winner of the university's Concerto Competition, he performed Ravel's Concerto en Sol with the PBAU Symphony Orchestra.

And then he met Karol and finally started living.

Karol grew up in Colombia. At age nine, she began studying dance, voice and piano. Two years later, she began her studies in voice, singing as a soloist and choir member for school competitions and festivals. At age fifteen, she moved to Miami, Florida along with her parents and two sisters, and immediately joined the choir at Coral Reef high school. She studied classical music and jazz at Miami-Dade College for three years. After teaching kids private music lessons for two years, she transferred to PBAU—majoring in Popular Music with a voice principal.

Michael and Karol had multiple classes together but never talked. But, while individually working on a take-home orchestration assignment, they finally ran into each other outside of their composition professor's office. An interestingly long conversation would eventually lead into a life-changing relationship. They enjoy ball-room dancing behind PBA's music building at midnight, seeing the sunrise at the beach (and freezing in the water), singing duets, jamming, and having picnics in trees. Karol also enjoys helping Michael with his semi-horrible Spanish. Now following their wedding in July, they are happily working on changing the world together.  

Michael & Karol Lubben

Michael & Karol Lubben


Shana Terra grew up in Sarasota, Fl, and began studying piano at five and saxophone at age nine. She was part of numerous school bands and ensembles, including a saxophone quartet, jazz band, and marching band. She has also participated in multiple statewide competitions on piano and saxophone and enjoyed singing in her church worship band, studying classical voice her final year of high school. She continues her musical education at Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA).

Since age five, Thomas Lubben has been studying violin and piano. In state competitions he has won numerous awards for violin, viola and piano performance, and has also been awarded the title of Outstanding Violist for the State of Florida. Since high school, he has been featured as a soloist in multiple recitals and concert series. He also has performed often in ensembles with his triplet brothers, playing violin in their piano trio, soon to be featured as soloists this April playing the Beethoven Triple Concerto along with the PBA orchestra. Since studying at PBA, he has participated in masterclasses and been featured in numerous concerts.

Tom and Shana Terra met at PBA, and—once Tom taught Shana Terra the upright bass—they began playing in The Lubben Brothers together. They first saw each other in a class called Writing about Literature, but really got to know each other from long conversations after school concerts. Married the summer of 2015, Tom and Shana Terra are now expecting their first baby on September 8th, 2017! They graduate from Palm Beach Atlantic University in May 2017, Tom with a B.A. in English and a music minor and Shana Terra with a B.A. in Biblical Studies and a music minor. They enjoy spending time in the woods, making pizza together, and reading picture books.

Tom & Shana Terra Lubben

Tom & Shana Terra Lubben


We both grew up loving and learning music in the small towns of Maquoketa, Iowa and High Springs, Florida. Joshua's love for music developed into a deep-seated passion for performing and writing, and Katie's love for music grew into a strong devotion to music listening. Our paths finally crossed when we arrived in West Palm Beach to attend college--a far cry from our small-town experiences. We first met each other as members of a string quintet at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Our love of music and strong faith quickly drew us to each other, and Katie was naturally added into The Lubben Brothers ensemble and band. We knew we were made for each other, so we said, "I do," on August 1, 2015. Since then, we have enjoyed a life full of many adventures: cross-country skiing in Minnesota, getting kicked off of the beach (we didn't know the beach could close), lots of Dairy Queen blizzards, late nights studying, multiple Taco Bell runs, and kayaking under a full moon. In a few short months, we will be celebrating our graduation from PBA--Joshua with a B.M. in Music Composition and Katie with a B.A. in Graphic Design--looking forward to the adventures we will continue to share in the future.

Joshua is currently the Music Director at Church in the Palms as well as the pianist/organist at St. Juliana's Catholic Church. While at PBA, he has performed multiple recitals and concerts on cello, piano, and guitar, as well as soloing on cello with the International Piano Festival performing Beethoven's Triple Concerto. He has written multiple pieces for full orchestra, smaller ensembles, as well as folk songs. His recent commission by Sheila Rinker, "5 Songs for 50 States," was premiered by PBA's Concert Choir at Mara Lago in 2017. In addition to his passion for music, Joshua loves all types of art, and is competent at drawing. He also enjoys the quiet, openness of nature and hikes as often as possible.

Katie is the Ministry Assistant & Graphic Designer at Church in the Palms as well as the owner of Katie Lubben Photography. During her time at PBA, her work has been displayed in the Fall 2016 and 2016 Art Shows at the Warren Library. She has a passion for her work and enjoys publication and poster design, web design, and photography. She also loves cooking (and eating), crocheting, riding horses, and s'mores.

Joshua & Katie Lubben

Joshua & Katie Lubben


Isaac first joined the band as an eight-year-old, rocking the upright bass. Since Isaac now lives in Chicago with our parents, he currently dedicates his musical focus to classical performance. His skill as a violinist landed him a chair as the youngest member of the Kentucky Youth Orchestra in 2016.  At the age of 13, Isaac is a violinist in the prestigious Camerata Chicago Chamber Orchestra and continues classical study on the piano. The quietest in our group, Isaac is an explorer and adventurer who loves to write poetry, bake brownies, and spend all day outside.  

Isaac Lubben

Isaac Lubben