the lubben brothers



the luck of
roaring camp

An American folk Musical

written by the lubben brothers






As a family that plays music together, we desire to bring others into the same unity we have come to love.

We welcome the creative challenges brought to us through the versatility of our music, always hoping to inspire those who listen with the same wonder that's changed us.



our fans say it  best

“I am a big Lubben Brothers fan! I have to keep buying this CD, because I keep on giving away copies! I had had the pleasure to hear these guys play live classical music before I even knew they did folk and bluegrass. . .this is my favorite, very poignant and sensitive, especially for such young musicians."
“Amazing musicians with extremely smooth harmony!”
“You guys did an absolutely amazing job with our Confirmation Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes in Boca Raton, Thank you so very much!!!! You guys are the best!!!!”
"You wowed me at the [Sarasota] Downtown Baptist 'I Believe in America' concert."
“Since we got this CD, it’s the only one our family plays. . .the Lubben Brothers’ music is simply brilliant. We can hardly wait for their next collection.”
“The Lubben Brothers! Local Joy givers!”

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