this is us




Michael is the oldest of the triplets and the self-described “serious” member of the band — he has a sense of humor, it’s just dry as the Dead Valley in California… ;) He’s known by us brothers as “Mikey” and we describe him as wise, courageous, and driven. Out of the many instruments he can play, piano is his favorite (most of the time):

I do most of my composing at it and I'm most proficient at it, since I've dedicated the most practice time towards it.

But of course, banjo is definitely his favorite campfire instrument.


Michael’s biggest piece of advice is:

Work very hard to make a difference and communicate truth, but never let work distract you from what's most important.


Thomas is the middle child of the triplets. He also goes by Tom, but us brothers call him “Tommy”. Understanding, sincere, and magnanimous are the words we chose to represent his personality. He is the only one of the triplets who graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a degree OTHER THAN music (he chose English!). He is our poet, and a darn good one too! But obviously his love for music didn’t change with his major. His fiddling is still our secret weapon. ;) Tom’s favorite composer is Antonin Dvorak:

He really defined the American Music genre, long before Copland. And he was a family man, composing in the kitchen while his children ran around. Not only that, but he lived in Iowa.

tommy’s fun facts:

Tom’s biggest piece of advice:

Happy wife, happy life.



Joshua is the baby triplet - it’s only by two minutes, but we still make sure he knows it. ;) Our dad calls him “Joshie,” but we all just call him Joshua. To us, Joshua is full of vitality, an artist, and a visionary. When he isn’t writing music, he’s outside, probably climbing trees. His musical inspirations are:

The Punch Brothers, because they're crazy. Crazy good musicians, and creative songwriters. Also Stephen Sondheim for the artistic way he tells stories, and his unnerving way of uncovering the deepest, most human thoughts. And, to be completely honest, I probably wouldn't be singing at all if it weren't for VeggieTales. Thanks for all those silly songs, Larry.

joshua’s fun facts:

joshua’s biggest piece of advice:

Stay purposeful, not busy.


Isaac is our honorary quadruplet. Even though he’s 9 years younger, he’s been one of us for forever. Oh, and we call him “Fuzz”. :) Isaac is our stargazer - and he’s thoughtful and disciplined. He started performing with us when he was 8 years old (he was our cute-ness factor), and we’ve dragged him along for all the performances we can ever since! Right now he’s a very successful high-schooler living in Wheaton, Illinois. We don’t quite have the funds to fly him down for all of our gigs in South Florida just yet, so we’re excited to see him pursuing all of the things he loves up north: music, science, woodworking, archery, painting, pottery, writing, and hiking to name a few! One of the things Isaac hates to do is:

Go to bed. I often play my best music and write my best poems at night.

fuzz’s fun facts:

isaac’s biggest piece of advice:

I have to tell myself this (several) times a day: Don't think too much of yourself.